The pack that scares gulls
Tired of seagulls
stealing your chips?
So are we.

That’s why we created The Pack That Scares Gulls, the last line of defense against pesky chip-thieving seagulls. It’s a perfect match for our New Thick Cut Chips.

The Pack That Scares Gulls is available for a limited time now in large sizes only so flock into a participating Hungry Jack’s today.

Limited Edition packs available in these coastal Hungry Jack’s stores:

NSW - Bondi Beach, Circular Quay, Manly
QLD - Surfers Paradise
SA - Seaford
WA - Falcon, Fremantle, Rockingham

Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I find the pack?

We’ve selected 8 Hungry Jack’s stores closest to coastal areas around Australia; Bondi Beach, Circular Quay, Manly (NSW), Surfers Paradise (QLD), Seaford (SA), Falcon, Fremantle, Rockingham (WA).

Seagulls migrate up north during the winter months to top up their tan, luckily our VIC & TAS stores are gull free zones and do not require protection.

How does the pack work?

All you need is your pack, some chips and a sunny day. In the creation of the packs, we’ve taken inspiration from Aussie farmers who use ‘scare tape’ to protect their crops from birds. When sunlight hits the reflective surface, it dazzles seagulls and deters them away from the pack. It’s completely harmless to the gulls but it may leave them a little peckish.

Does it work with all birds?

It works best with seagulls. Throughout extensive testing, we tried it on Magpies, Indian Minors and Pigeons with mixed results. We’re not too sure about the reasons behind this but how often do you hear about Magpies, Indian Minors or Pigeons attacking your lunch at the beach?

Does the pack only work in sunlight?

Yes, the pack needs direct sunlight to deter gulls so it won’t work in the dark or overcast conditions. Also, we don’t recommend the beach at night or when it’s raining.

What if I encounter a particularly brave seagull?


I left my pack unattended and the gulls went in for it…

Firstly, why would you so carelessly abandon a pack of delicious Thick Cut Chips? Secondly, the pack works best when it’s held or is moving. This allows the surface to catch light and glitter. Just don’t get too crazy while shooing away the gulls or you risk dropping a chip. And that would be a real shame.