Frequently Asked Questions

Hungry Jack’s Better beef guarantee is our promise to customers to deliver the best flame-grilled beef burgers in the business. Unlike our key competitor, we can guarantee our 100% pure Aussie beef is raised with no added HGP's (Hormone Growth Promotants). Because we know better beef makes better burgers.
Hungry Jack’s patties are 100% pure Aussie beef.
All Hungry Jack’s beef is from known and trusted Australian suppliers and certified to contain no added hormones. We have installed a rigorous verification process to ensure that all the beef used in our patties come from cattle raised with no added hormones.
Our 100% pure Aussie beef with no added hormones is also free from additives, preservatives, colourants and fillers.
The taste won’t change. Our customers will eat the same great tasting, Hungry Jack’s flame-grilled burgers they love.
All our beef burgers contain 100% pure Aussie beef with no added hormones.
Cattle are sometimes given antibiotics when medically necessary to ensure the welfare of the animal. The use of antibiotics is regulated by the government and cattle are withheld from the supply chain during treatment.
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