Franchisee Info

Hungry Jack's® is a franchise of the Burger King Corporation and therefore part of an international operational system. Currently we are looking to open more stores across Australia with good franchise opportunities. 63 of our 391 restaurants in Australia are franchised.

Franchise opportunities generally exist in regional areas, for example we have franchisees in Broken Hill, Albury, Gundagai and Moe. 

The majority of Hungry Jack's® restaurants in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide are operated by our company operations, Hungry Jack's Pty Ltd. All Hungry Jack's® restaurants in Perth are company owned, and therefore we will not currently be franchising in this market.

In general we are looking for applicants with the following criteria:
- A strong proven business background
- Access to funds of $1,300,000 and borrowing of $1,300,000
- You must be a ‘hands-on’ day-to-day operator/owner (Hungry Jack’s will be your only business)
- The desire to be a ‘hands-on’ day-to-day operator/owner
- Good ability to work with young adults aged 15 plus
- A strong understanding of financial management

Once you have been financially and legally approved, we will require you to undertake training for a minimum of 13 weeks on a full-time basis. At the end of this training, if successful, we will then discuss options in regards to sites or restaurants available. 
Hungry Jack's® welcomes franchise enquires, please contact:
Adam Funnell
Director of Franchising

Thank you for your interest in the Hungry Jack's® franchise program.

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