Taronga Zoo

Sponsoring the Gorillas.

Hungry Jack's® is a long-term supporter of Taronga Zoo and the Gorillas. Gorillas are the largest and most powerful of all primates. They are also among our closest living relatives, sharing almost 98% of our human genetic makeup. The female adult Gorilla averages 1.5m in height and weighs 90kg, while an adult male averages 1.7m and weighs 160kg or more.

There are two species of Gorilla: the Western Gorillas and the Eastern Gorillas. The Western Gorillas includes the Western Lowland Gorillas (species at Taronga) and the Cross River Gorillas. The Eastern Gorillas includes the Eastern Lowland Gorillas and the Mountain Gorillas. 
Like many species of Gorillas, the Western Lowland Gorilla is classified as endangered and is facing extinction. The greatest threat to their existence in the wild is the bushmeat trade. Although National Wildlife Laws protect Africa's great apes, it is estimated that over 600 adult Gorillas are killed for bush meat every year.

Kibali (adult male)

Johari (adult female)

Frala (mother) & Fabumi (the baby)

Mbeli (mother) & Mjukuu (the baby)